#436 – “stranded”



I am sluggish

in this new world

where you

no longer walk,


by this heavy air

that you

no longer breathe.

I drag

murky and


as if I don’t know

where I am,

as if I’m lost

or stranded

in some vague

and empty place

where all I see

around me

is the memory

of your



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#435 – 5 Haiku

5 haiku



wish you were here

for me to put off calling

just till tomorrow



it was hard talking —

you were so full of illness

I just couldn’t hear



guilt; for not wanting

to talk with you when there was

time to talk later



no matter how close

death crowded in, I always

thought there’d be more time



I talk to you more

now that I can no longer

hear your responses


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#434 – “absence”



the rain

seems endless

day after day

sometimes a moment

of sky

shines through

but then clouds

close in

and circle the sun

pushing my laughter

behind the absence

of yours.


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#433 – 1 Haiku

1 Haiku


a slow rainy day

no umbrella to shield me

from grief’s dark downpour


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#432 – 3 Haiku

3 Haiku


it’s worse than I thought

bare trees that won’t bloom again

unending Winter


I wish I could know

that Winter here is just Spring

wherever you are



I hope you were there

we laughed at your late dinners

missed how good they were


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#431 – “barely visible”

barely visible



what I can manage,

this is more

than the bitter

after taste of hatred.

I am fucking angry

that our aptitude

for immorality

and inhumanity

has grown so vast

that the beauty

of America

is barely visible

beneath the squalor

of having been turned into

a shithole.


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#430 – the river

the river


the river

is cold

and brutal today



as it carries

my comfort away


the air

abrasive and course

like sandpaper


my fix,


gone like thin vapor


I feel lost

like a pathway I was on

has gone absent


and my life, like the day

feels fleeting

and transient



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#429 – 5 haiku

5 haiku


strange hole in the day

a piece of the world just gone

since you flew away


I am ashamed that

I was eager to leave the

last time I saw you


I’m not ready to

write everything about

you in the past tense


heavy snow clouds full

of grief, blanket the days with

memories of you


didn’t like poetry

preferred things just be said straight

I miss you, Big Sis






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#428 – 3 haiku

December 12, 2017


hair and nails so long

he looks disappeared beneath

his impending death



December 13, 2017


still warm; he looked so

much more comfortable than

he did yesterday



I could not seem to

find where goodbye had hidden

and now it’s too late

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#427 – 3 Haiku

I don’t usually give an explanation…but felt it necessary today.

Today, August 28, Emmett  Till was murdered in 1955.  Almost 10 years later, August 28th 1963, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his historic “I Have A Dream” speech:  these 3 haiku are about these things…and what’s happening now.


3 Haiku


young boy, out of place

lost in the belief that he

was simply human



years later a speech

the sound of people fighting

just to be human



now, few remember

how we got here and just how

fast we can go back

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