#424 – “all that’s left”

“all that’s left”


let’s all sing the blues

till we can’t anymore

till our secrets are broken

and our throats are sore

let’s swim out way past

where we’re safe and proud

let’s hurt together

till we all cry out loud

let’s wander too deep

without marking our trail

run in some races

we’ll most surely fail

let’s fall hard on the rocks

and bloody our lives

let’s ready for battles

with no guns or knives

let’s wrestle our children

and scrape up their knees

teach them again

about thank-you and please

let’s walk till we’re tired

and till all that’s left

is one more I love you

and one more breath



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#423 – 1 Haiku

1 Haiku


an awful seeping

the rot of blind ignorance

yesterday is here


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#422 – 5 haiku

5 Haiku



on his own grave’s edge

he waits in sad defiance

daring life to end



a window open

disinterested, he stares

at the floor instead



so many gray hairs

his beard looks like our father’s

just before he died



shadows of somewhere

he once wanted to be; lost

among the living



his fiery blue mind

art and pride and humor lay

flattened into gray


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#421 – 3 Haiku

3 Haiku


so damaged the space

where God’s light can’t lift away

his rundown darkness



air, still and sour with

so many spilled regrets my

brother won’t clean up



who can judge what looks

wasted from fear, may hide some

purpose we can’t see


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#420 – 3 Haiku – 1 minute before my birthday

3 Haiku – 1 minute before my birthday



leaves are turning red

so eager to drop and fly

from this aging tree



dreams so close they burn

turn both doubt and delay to

ash I blow away




the more time I have

the shorter my patience for



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#419 – “but for the Grace”

“but for the Grace”


they annoy me

the poor

with their homeless


their wide

open fingers

and dirty teeth



for money

with their cardboard



for food

in their long

desperate lines

I prefer

not to see them

or be bothered

to care

too busy

I am

to even offer

a prayer

or to remember

that but 

for the Grace

I’d be there



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#418 – “broken luggage”

“broken luggage”


he drags

along the road

his trip, too long

for him to bear

pulls his life

like broken luggage

too old and useless

to repair

what’s inside

he doesn’t know

and doesn’t

seem to care


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#417 – 2 Haiku

2 Haiku



beneath who we are

a crushed idea, almost

dead; America



smell of life burning

bones and leaves and happiness

gone beneath fear’s ash


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#416 – “the silence of dreams”

“the silence of dreams”


I scavenge

for direction


for relief


through my prayers

in search of



where do they hide,

these songs

that God sings,

these sweet

mossy pathways

toward answer-filled Springs


where are the angels

where are the saints

where are the answers

that break these restraints

that hold down the music

and harden the night

and blacken the beauty

that rides the moonlight


where do I go

when the grass is all gone

and what’s left are hard sticks

and sharp stones to walk on


when the darkness is heavy

and confusion acute

where do I listen

when the spirits go mute

and the silence of dreams

feels so absolute?



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#415 2 Haiku

2 Haiku


rhapsody of tears
such a long and heavy rain
the names of the dead
when tomorrow comes
love will sweep away the glass
broken from hatred


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