#486 – “vermin”




like prisoners

behind locked cages

and doors


Godless men

like vermin

on the capitol




like Africans

or Jews

from the embrace


of parents

in desperation

to find

a better place


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#485 – “still”



still seems like I can call him

or wait till later to speak


procrastinate visiting

until maybe next week


still feels like he’s sitting

at home with his drinks


not wanting to hear

what anyone thinks


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#484 – 1 haiku

1 haiku


bitter silence, sweet

with memory, hard with loss

where you used to be


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#483 – Broken Leaves


“broken leaves”



I think I see you

though it’s only

in my mind


where the broken leaves

of memory

and grieving




I hear your laughter

breaking free

from the crowd


and then my heart

sits down upon the curb

to mourn and cry

out loud


your absence

like a sudden void

that swallows up

the sound




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#482 – “somewhere else-bound”

“somewhere else-bound”


this cancerous silence

that eats at our days

this ill-fitting darkness

that constricts the airways


leaves me hungry for breath

and thirsty for sound

and groping for the laughter

that is somewhere else-bound


what happened? did you forget

why you asked me to dance

how those coffees we had

were so strong with romance


or was it I who broke the cup

you held our love in, perchance?



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#481 – “refuse”



the space

is closing in again


angel sounds

going mute


like the undying tree

of dusk


whose swollen darkness

is its fruit


I sit beneath

and eat of it


at first familiar

like homespun sweets


but then it sours

in my mouth


and green fields turn

to broken streets



with the refuse


of my dreams

and my defeats


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#480 – “summer rains”

“summer rains”


and then there’s music

barely audible

in the quiet



like a secret


by the winds

across the lonely night


but I hear it

and it bathes me

like the hymn

of summer rains


like angel wings

across my soul


all the stains


until the downy consciousness

of light

are all

that remains



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#479 – “rent”



she crowds in

sits heavy

in my rickety


fills the space

leaves no room

for any hope

or prayer

she is an unforgiving


with cruel demands

for rent

as she comes

to gather up

my dreams

until I’m discontent

her wretched chamber

holds me captive

leaves me broken

on the floors

and when I think

I’m strong enough

to leave

she disappears the doors


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#478 – “ashes”



you lay quietly


while we

said goodbye

as a cancerous

disbelief fell

like a haunted


your face

had softened

absent all the struggles

just to be

absent too

your warm humanity

big and open

as the sea

you disappeared

went from your body

like a dream

escapes the mind

our memories

now the ashes

that your fire

left behind


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#477 – “crushed beneath the losses”

“crushed beneath the losses”


it spills

into the morning


the light


no longer hiding

‘neath the floorboards

or in the dark folds

of the night


its rain

is constant

like a heavy, blackened mist

of airborne grief


that steals away

the hours

and their promise

like a thief


I cannot move

inside this weather

beaten shelter

that I’ve built


and I am crushed

beneath the losses

that lie buried

in my guilt


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