#186 of 365 – “winter’s moon”

“winter’s moon”


I scratch and grab

at sanity


but it’s a garment

made of smoke


I get to wear it



like some

ethereal cloak


but it won’t



washes off of me

like warmth in icy rain


and I am left

beneath a winter’s moon



and insane




About Blackbird

Poet, sculptor, jewelry maker, writer, spouse, parent, crazy person - not necessarily in that order.
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7 Responses to #186 of 365 – “winter’s moon”

  1. pi314chron says:

    Naked…maybe. Insane…highly unlikely! Liked the poem…and kept thinking how easy it would be to make a haiku from bits and pieces of it. Maybe when I’m feeling better and we get our computer problems under control. Grrr!

    • Blackbird says:

      Good to hear from you…sorry you’re not feeling well. I actually considered haiku with this myself, but it is what it is. Hope you get your computer problems fixed too!

      • pi314chron says:

        Please forgive me for not having more to say. When I’m not feeling well OR when we have computer problems, I become taciturn…even testy…but when both happen at the same time, the beast within paces its cage, looking for a way out to wreak havoc on the world. Thanks for the kind words, Merle. Mine are minor problems, and I should be ashamed for acting like they’re of any import at all. Your poem is really a lovely work of art…one of your best, and I’m proud to call you my friend. Give us more…please!


      • Blackbird says:

        Oh, my good friend…you have nothing to apologize for! And I always love hearing from you…your friendship is a cherished gift! Thanks for the wonderful compliment.

  2. Starralee says:

    I continue to be stunned–your writing is so piercing. “A garment made of smoke” is pure brilliance–I wish I’d thought of the phrase!! And then that it “washes off…like warmth in icy rain”–just phenomenal. I appreciate how you raise the bar for us poets.

    • Blackbird says:

      You are incredibly kind Starralee. Don’t really know what to say beyond thank you…so…thank you!

      • Starralee says:

        Oh but it’s not kindness. I truly get “involved” in your writing, lifted up–if not by the subject, then by the fine writing that makes my mind say, “make a note!” (but of course I don’t make notes, I just hope to retain the essence so as to improve my own work). And, You’re Welcome, of course!

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