#195 of 365 – “satchel”



sleep took her satchel

and hit the road


as I dawdled around

in the dark


her tolerance of me

had begun to erode


and the distance

between us grew stark


I haven’t treated her well

or with the proper respect


and I don’t come to bed

till too late


so instead of the constant misuse

and neglect


she headed out

to the interstate


if she doesn’t forgive me

and come back soon


my colors will waste

into gray


and like clouds in the nighttime

beneath a black moon


my dreams

will all fade away



About Blackbird

Poet, sculptor, jewelry maker, writer, spouse, parent, crazy person - not necessarily in that order.
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5 Responses to #195 of 365 – “satchel”

  1. pi314chron says:

    Love the “black moon”!! You’ve done a marvelous job of capturing the way we have all felt at one time or another. You do have a wonderful gift of word choice, new and fresh metaphor and surprising imagery. Always a treat to read and reflect upon!


  2. Starralee says:

    Wow, wow, wow–you just amaze me every time.

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