#199 of 365 – “cargo”



history, long gone

despair burned into song

lives swallowed whole

by thieves of the soul

cargo dying

enraged and frightened people crying

incomprehensible disparity

ungodly depravity

skin beaten and broken

muscle sliced and ripped open

families torn

property born

bones bred to grieve

reality I cannot conceive



About Blackbird

Poet, sculptor, jewelry maker, writer, spouse, parent, crazy person - not necessarily in that order.
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6 Responses to #199 of 365 – “cargo”

  1. Starralee says:

    “Despair burned into song” is my fave line. ‘Course, it’s all Good writing.

  2. pi314chron says:

    I just CANNOT say enough good about this tour de force. For weeks I have wanted to suggest that you cast your considerable poetic gifts into something more worthy than the couplets we so often see. But I held back, fearing to hurt your feelings or strain in any way the bonds of friendship that mean so much to me. Now, I rejoice that I said nothing. It wasn’t necessary. Form seeks its content, not the reverse…and finally there was a subject matter that screamed to be expressed in a more complex poetic form. (not shouting in the following) I AM SO OVERJOYED!

    With Respect and Admiration,


    • pi314chron says:

      I couldn’t put my niggling little comment about the poem’s typo into my larger comment.
      Suffice it to say that the offending typo is the last word in the poem. It’s a small thing but it seems as mud on a precious pearl, and I thought you’d want me to call your attention to it.

    • Blackbird says:

      Thanks Ron!!! Your comments, and more importantly, your friendship mean the world to me! Thanks for stickin’ around – I can’t possibly express my gratitude. (And thanks for catching my typo…ugh!) \:-(

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