#214 of 365 – 5 Haiku about failure

5 Haiku about failure


moment of defeat

I’m stuck in the mud again

dirtied by mistakes



they say, “in God’s time”

don’t know what that means, except

that it’s not right now



a treacherous noise

climbs from the undercurrents

and I can’t hear God



tornado’s debris

its destruction rips the day

inside my stomach



I walk in circles

they seem to get smaller, till

I am standing still


About Blackbird

Poet, sculptor, jewelry maker, writer, spouse, parent, crazy person - not necessarily in that order.
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4 Responses to #214 of 365 – 5 Haiku about failure

  1. pi314chron says:

    Written as only you can write — from the heart, through the mind and polished with your tears.
    A question: Have you considered writing some poetry based on your knowledge and practice of sculpting? Could be some really good poetry would result. Just my $0.02 worth. 😛


    • Blackbird says:

      Thanks Ron…you are a kind and eloquent man…and more importanly, a dear friend. I have actually written one or two poems about sculpting…perhaps I’ll see what I can fashion regarding the subject…appreciate the suggestion. 🙂

  2. Starralee says:

    Oh honey–this past week I’ve been exactly in the 3rd one (and the first one…and the 2nd). I always love your writing because it echoes my feelings, makes me feel I have a twin who “gets” me. But I am starting to hear HIM again tonight, so I’m saying a grateful “whew!”

    • Blackbird says:

      Nice when we start to hear outside of our own noise…gets loud in there. Glad you’re starting to come out of it a bit…welcome back.

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