#349 of 365 – “tether”



there’s so much light that’s travelled years

inside the gravity of time


whispering through the shadows

of the past it leaves behind


there are no folded up spaces

where today can last forever


no soundless wave of ocean

where the moon is not its tether


there are no feet that walk the land

that weren’t first curled inside their mother


and no consciousness upon this earth

completely separate from another




About Blackbird

Poet, sculptor, jewelry maker, writer, spouse, parent, crazy person - not necessarily in that order.
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2 Responses to #349 of 365 – “tether”

  1. pi314chron says:

    Absolutely slap-bang wondiferous! Especially striking are the third and fourth lines from the end! Damn, that’s some good stuff! 🙂 ❤

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