#380 – “at an end”

“at an end”


he sounds

at an end

as if his life

got packed

too tightly,

numbed into

a corner

so small

there is no room

for belief,

and his hopes


so deeply

under a motionless

heavy air

lay dying


to climb

out of

his grief


About Blackbird

Poet, sculptor, jewelry maker, writer, spouse, parent, crazy person - not necessarily in that order.
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2 Responses to #380 – “at an end”

  1. pi314chron says:

    Whether your brother’s death was yesterday or thirty years ago, I am saddened that you had to go through it all. Your poem will serve as a tribute to his life and to the hope that we are learning as human beings not to shorten our lives needlessly. A gripping poem, Merle, one you can be rightfully proud of. Now…as I often say, “Be good to you. You’re the only YOU there is.” (((Hugs)))


    • Blackbird says:

      Thanks so much for your heartfelt comments Ron…my brother is still alive though…just riddled with health issues and depression from a lifetime of alcoholism and perscription drug addiction. After speaking with him about his latest health crisis(heart problems)…he just sounded so incredibly defeated by his life…and this poem is what came out.

      Again, I am very greatful for your friendship and encouragement….thank you. Many hugs!

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