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#448 – 4 haiku

4 haiku   inadequacy surfaces again; I am a disappointment   marriage hurts sometimes a room of mirrors that show only your worst self     when is love enough to erase the discontent disagreement leaves     I no … Continue reading

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#445 – 1 haiku

1 haiku   heart flares in anger I pray for serenity as I watch the news

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#442 – 5 haiku

5 haiku   and still, it rains on like grey has enveloped all that you left behind   I am angry that you stopped taking your meds and then faded away   I am angry that some strange woman’s voice … Continue reading

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#440 – “battles”

“battles”   I didn’t get to say a proper private goodbye   I was late and everyone hovered nearby   eager was the nursing staff to take you away   die in the morning out by midday   I felt … Continue reading

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#438 – 3 Haiku

3 Haiku   my lack of shock hurts a crushing fatigue like death by paralysis     ache and hope anew heart wrenched back to life by the brash pain of the young     Oh, I hope they tear … Continue reading

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#431 – “barely visible”

barely visible   beyond what I can manage, this is more than the bitter after taste of hatred. I am fucking angry that our aptitude for immorality and inhumanity has grown so vast that the beauty of America is barely … Continue reading

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#426 – two haiku

two haiku   I am infected sick, as anger assumes its place in front of love     my own diseased thoughts; where is the second gunman on the grassy knoll?  

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#417 – 2 Haiku

2 Haiku     beneath who we are a crushed idea, almost dead; America     smell of life burning bones and leaves and happiness gone beneath fear’s ash  

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#416 – “the silence of dreams”

“the silence of dreams”   I scavenge for direction dig for relief toss through my prayers in search of belief   where do they hide, these songs that God sings, these sweet mossy pathways toward answer-filled Springs   where are … Continue reading

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#403 – unsung

unsung   I am not a good soul I tire of others my friendships breathe shallow beneath envy that smothers I feed on dark rain though I pray for the sun as I walk my night streets deep into the … Continue reading

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