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#418 – “broken luggage”

“broken luggage”   he drags along the road his trip, too long for him to bear pulls his life like broken luggage too old and useless to repair what’s inside he doesn’t know and doesn’t seem to care   Advertisements

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#380 – “at an end”

“at an end”   he sounds at an end as if his life got packed too tightly, numbed into a corner so small there is no room for belief, and his hopes buried so deeply under a motionless heavy air … Continue reading

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#346 of 365 – strange hodgepodge of 5 Haiku

strange hodgepodge of 5 haiku   swim camp for one day didn’t swim or go back; they thought I was a boy     walking home Christmas me and my best friends; our new bikes freshly stolen     walking … Continue reading

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#155 of 365 – “connections”

 “connections”   some quintessence of well being left me a long time ago   ripped fertile possibilities out so little else would grow   left a barren lot of purpose, a dust bowl of gratitude   an empty sky of … Continue reading

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#154 of 365 – 8 Haiku about my big sister

8 Haiku about my big sister     she was so pretty I looked like a boy; “that’s my sister!” she would say     “am I flat-chested?” she had a boyfriend; “compared to who?” I asked her     … Continue reading

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#100 of 365 – 3 Haiku about Hitting Bottom

3 Haiku about Hitting Bottom    the men’s room was dank the floor, dirty; she didn’t even know his name   she felt even worse walking home with her stash, tucked under the baby   another blackout relieved he got … Continue reading

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