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#454 – “in the palm of history”

“in the palm of history”     I sit on their shoulders   in the palm of history   making my way through liberties I take as my own without question or fear or cast down eyes   I breathe … Continue reading

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#419 – “but for the Grace”

“but for the Grace”   they annoy me the poor with their homeless street-sleeping their wide open fingers and dirty teeth speaking asking for money with their cardboard signs waiting for food in their long desperate lines I prefer not … Continue reading

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#372 – 2 Haiku

2 Haiku   does imminent death brought close enough to see, lift life’s darkness away?      gratitude hides in the nonchalance of today’s promise of more time  

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#369 – 5 Haiku

5 Haiku     the future feeding on today’s fiery goodbyes trees crying their leaves       hunger in the swamps of regret; so many ways for your days to drown       bitter moods press in fold … Continue reading

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#319 of 365 – “bloodied shoes”

“bloodied shoes”     I drive with music blaring at ease to curse my neighbor with no threats of death upon my head to abandon my creator   there is no doubt that there is violence here that breaks away … Continue reading

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#306 of 365 – “warm bread”

“warm bread”   joy seeps when I’m not looking through the cracks of my despair   sweet like an unexpected smile from across the room permeating the moment like the smell of warm bread melting like a chocolate drop of … Continue reading

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#278 of 365 – “where the milk of freedom spills”

“where the milk of freedom spills”     I feel sluggish and uncooperative don’t want to do my chores I want to linger under sunsets and meander on the shores I don’t want to be a parent or a daughter … Continue reading

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#232 of 365 – “patch of green”

“patch of green”   I see breadcrumbs, feel light and a bit of sweet rainfall   hear the faint hymns of freedom scaling my wall   there’s food for the famished a few prayers for the weak   and a … Continue reading

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#192 of 365 – “sleeping on windows”

“sleeping on windows”   the road is wet and we have a ways to go fighting with weather and mountains that throw winding highways through clouds and through thickets below where the travelers upon them are moving too slow   … Continue reading

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#118 of 365 – “shorelines”

“shorelines”   I am unsure of what to do here or how I should walk   with no muck, the heavy boots I wear for footing matter naught   the thick underbrush of thorns and sour air that I’ve hacked … Continue reading

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