#417 – 2 Haiku

2 Haiku



beneath who we are

a crushed idea, almost

dead; America



smell of life burning

bones and leaves and happiness

gone beneath fear’s ash


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#416 – “the silence of dreams”

“the silence of dreams”


I scavenge

for direction


for relief


through my prayers

in search of



where do they hide,

these songs

that God sings,

these sweet

mossy pathways

toward answer-filled Springs


where are the angels

where are the saints

where are the answers

that break these restraints

that hold down the music

and harden the night

and blacken the beauty

that rides the moonlight


where do I go

when the grass is all gone

and what’s left are hard sticks

and sharp stones to walk on


when the darkness is heavy

and confusion acute

where do I listen

when the spirits go mute

and the silence of dreams

feels so absolute?



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#415 2 Haiku

2 Haiku


rhapsody of tears
such a long and heavy rain
the names of the dead
when tomorrow comes
love will sweep away the glass
broken from hatred


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#414 – 4 Haiku

4 Haiku about June 12, 2016



heart squeezed by anger

the easy spread of hatred

now I want a gun



for the bereaved; I

am not enlightened—I want

to kill the killers



insides torn; don’t know

how to love through rage and grief

can’t find my prayers



we are all sinking

tangled in the godlessness

of separation



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#413 – 2 Haiku

2 Haiku


loneliness beyond

love’s reach; last of the women

who helped raise her—gone



eyes swimming in grief

she treads in desperation

to keep from drowning


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#412 – 2 Haiku

2 Haiku


reverence beyond

words as I begin to sculpt

the World Trade Center





art’s silent prayer

for the souls and families

of so many dead



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#411 – 4 Haiku

4 Haiku


nature’s cruel hunger

raining down into the day

swallowing sunshine



insatiable rain

consuming all bright colors

and spitting out gray



standing in my room

praying for change; then I do

what I always do



I peel back the bark

uncover slivers of light

perhaps God hears me


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#410 – 2 Haiku

2 Haiku


corners of regret

dark echoes of a song I

never learned to sing



scratching at prayers

that sit beneath my anger

can’t seem to reach God


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#409 – 5 Haiku about my brother

5 Haiku about my brother


so much time folded

into a tiny corner




he is angry that

love has brought his family

and friends together



he cannot see or

feel his way through a darkness

his eyes are closed to



an octave higher

his voice climbing over truths

he cannot utter



so quiet his need

to deny the deafening

noise of his defeat



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#408 – “April Snow”

“April Snow”



for an April snow

that has kissed

our Earth

and gone

leaving roots


for water

and the sky


for rain

and all of us

below it

trying to sing

away our pain

as we unfold

our memories

and travel

back in time

to celebrate

and party

like it’s 1999.



R.I.P. Prince Rogers Nelson



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