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#391 – “locked hands”

“locked hands”   I make stupid mistakes that twist up my esteem crack my tiny boat with paddles already lost downstream I fold up into nothing toss myself in the trash drive my thinking right into the black till I … Continue reading

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#308 of 365 – “shades of apprehension”

“shades of apprehension”   their names will float indistinguishable like odors I can’t discern sticking to my clothes until my skin begins to itch and the air sinks heavy underneath our conversation and my face turns all known shades of … Continue reading

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#267 of 365 – “ropes”

“ropes”   madness lifts recedes like yesterday’s tide pulling away my surface ideas to reveal what they hide   there may be treasure, maps and secrets to uncover far away inspiration and beliefs to discover   but my mind is … Continue reading

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