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#439 – “cracks”

“cracks”   the sky is drained and weary from the drag of so much weeping   the night, so full of cracks through which my rest and sleep are seeping   I lay staring at the silence that my open … Continue reading

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#392 – 2 Haiku about Billie Holiday, 1 about something else

2 Haiku about Billie Holiday, 1 about something else     her voice, a slow rain against the cushion of night falls like a haunting     such delicate pain brushing the dark edge of joy like secret prayers   … Continue reading

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#381 – 3 Haiku

3 Haiku   standing in the rain umbrella doesn’t work; no shelter from my thoughts     hours like stone, grow so heavy through my night when sleep rolls away from me       so many churches all boarded … Continue reading

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#352 of 365 – 5 Haiku

5 Haiku     so many years my secrets tunneling out of my drunken silence     so hungry, my dreams thirsting for my days, eating away at my nights     driving by, I speed from danger; look away … Continue reading

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#351 of 365 – 2 Haiku

 2 Haiku     children gone missing behind hoods and guns; never to be seen again     walking the night floors they creak with bits of lost sleep pieces of worry    

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#212 of 365 – “headfirst”

“headfirst”    fatigue rattles me haunts me like a ghost in chains coerces me into an unnerving insomniatic keep   pushes till I fall from the edges of consciousness but yanks me back just before I land headfirst into sleep … Continue reading

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#195 of 365 – “satchel”

“satchel”   sleep took her satchel and hit the road   as I dawdled around in the dark   her tolerance of me had begun to erode   and the distance between us grew stark   I haven’t treated her … Continue reading

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#11 of 365 – “smoke”

“smoke”   once again the house is sleeping and I am awake   stowing away behind the silence I try not to break   sitting alone with my darkness as I have for years   where the lush smoke of … Continue reading

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