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#457 – “sticks and mud”

“sticks and mud”   what work is this to toil the mind dig through emotions and memories intertwined looking for something I can’t seem to find   what kind of labor searching through thought wading through battles and wars I’ve … Continue reading

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#454 – “in the palm of history”

“in the palm of history”     I sit on their shoulders   in the palm of history   making my way through liberties I take as my own without question or fear or cast down eyes   I breathe … Continue reading

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#452 – “memory’s rain”

“memory’s rain”   I fold up my recollections try to fit them into the hour but they spread like water spilled from a glass flowing across the surface trickling down the edgeless day until drops have gotten everywhere impossible to … Continue reading

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#451 – “reverie”

“reverie”   and still each tomorrow brings thoughts of yesterday caught in a reverie of too much time   to wait for a later that never would come and a plan for things to do that never got done  

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#449 – “smooth stone”

“smooth stone”   I sit as a sharp despair swallows the moment, your absence, like a Winter refusing the Spring, rips through the hour and into the night like water creasing the smooth stone of time’s reprieve till it’s grooved … Continue reading

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#443 – “remains”

“remains”   I am left to wade through this matted ache compressed around my heart   a cluttered museum of grief filled with heartbreaking art   the wind has swept in and blown your life into the past   but … Continue reading

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#440 – “battles”

“battles”   I didn’t get to say a proper private goodbye   I was late and everyone hovered nearby   eager was the nursing staff to take you away   die in the morning out by midday   I felt … Continue reading

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#439 – “cracks”

“cracks”   the sky is drained and weary from the drag of so much weeping   the night, so full of cracks through which my rest and sleep are seeping   I lay staring at the silence that my open … Continue reading

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#436 – “stranded”

“stranded”   I am sluggish in this new world where you no longer walk, strangled by this heavy air that you no longer breathe. I drag murky and bewildered as if I don’t know where I am, as if I’m … Continue reading

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#435 – 5 Haiku

5 haiku     wish you were here for me to put off calling just till tomorrow     it was hard talking — you were so full of illness I just couldn’t hear     guilt; for not wanting … Continue reading

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