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#437 – “scourge”

“scourge”   no morality no decency no literacy no honesty no bravery no empathy no equality no sincerity no loyalty no humility no humanity no real presidency and for the rest of us no safety and if we don’t fight … Continue reading

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#431 – “barely visible”

barely visible   beyond what I can manage, this is more than the bitter after taste of hatred. I am fucking angry that our aptitude for immorality and inhumanity has grown so vast that the beauty of America is barely … Continue reading

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#425 – two haiku

2 Haiku   no words foul enough to fit the horrid smallness of the president     on the backs of so many, the freedoms we’ve built broken into lies

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#423 – 1 Haiku

1 Haiku   an awful seeping the rot of blind ignorance yesterday is here  

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